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It’s Murphy’s Law that injuries and illnesses get worse over the weekend when your family doctor’s office is usually closed. Dr. Li Zheng and the team of family medicine physicians at Weibo Medical Care in Flushing, Queens, New York, provide emergency medicine for patients of all ages. If you or a loved one needs prompt medical attention, you can count on the family physicians and emergency medicine experts at Weibo Medical Care, seven days a week. Call or schedule online.

Emergency Medicine Q & A

What is Emergency Medicine?

Emergency medicine is a specialty area of medicine that diagnoses and treats unexpected injuries or illnesses. When you come to Weibo Medical Care for emergency treatment, Dr. Zheng or one of the other family medicine doctors evaluates your condition, makes a diagnosis, and administers or coordinates the most effective treatment plan for both immediate and follow-up care.
Emergency medicine takes place in a variety of healthcare settings such as urgent care clinics, emergency response vehicles that arrive at the scene of an accident, inside a doctor’s office, and at a family medical practice.

What Injuries Can I Have Treated?

Dr. Zheng and the other physicians at Weibo Medical Care are open seven days a week to treat minor injuries and illnesses and to offer emergency medical treatments and minor sedation. If Dr. Zheng diagnoses severe injuries or conditions as needing further attention, he refers you to a local emergency room. Minor injuries may include:

What Types of Injuries Require an Emergency Room Visit?

If any of these conditions are severe, seek immediate emergency medical care to prevent any complications:
As a family medicine practice, Dr. Zheng and the team of physicians at Weibo Medical Care provide follow-up care to any health conditions that require additional attention after the medical emergency. The family medicine specialists offer comprehensive medical exams and preventive measures and prescribe medications as necessary to help you recover entirely and get back on the road to good health.
When you need immediate care for a minor injury, or a worsening illness or health condition, Dr. Zheng and the Weibo Medical Care team invite you to call or visit their office in downtown Flushing, seven days a week. If your condition is not urgent, call or schedule an appointment using the online booking system.
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