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One of the biggest decisions you make as a parent is selecting a qualified doctor for your children’s pediatric care. Dr. Li Zheng and the board-certified family medicine physicians at Weibo Medical Care in Flushing, Queens, New York, are dedicated to providing excellent medical care for your whole family, from the beginning of life until the end. When you trust your child’s pediatric care to the highly qualified doctors at Weibo Medical Care, you choose a team who is there for your whole family. Call or schedule a consultation using the online booking system.

Pediatric Care Q & A

What is Pediatric Care?

Doctors who specialize in pediatrics focus on treating infants, children, and teenagers. Pediatric care physicians manage your child’s healthcare from birth until about the age of 18. After that, young adults usually switch to a family physician for annual health and wellness exams, or to continue treating existing conditions.

What Services Does a Family Physician Provide for Children?

Because of their specialty in family medicine, Dr. Zheng and the other physicians at Weibo Medical Care provide healthcare for babies, children, adults, and seniors. The Weibo Medical Care team provides the following services for your child and also continues their medical care into adulthood:
Dr. Zhang and the other family medicine physicians also focus on developing a doctor-patient relationship with your children and understanding their role within your family.

What are the Advantages of Choosing a Family Medicine Physician for Pediatric Care?

When you decide to go with a family medicine physician for your child’s pediatric care, you’re not only getting exceptional medical care for your baby, but you’re gaining a doctor for life. After years of caring for your children, your pediatrician may feel like part of your family — after all, they’ve watched your baby grow up through each stage of life. When you choose a family doctor for pediatric care, you won’t have to find a new doctor when your child turns 18 abruptly.
Dr. Zheng and the other family physicians look forward to providing the best pediatric care for babies and children and continuing that next level of medical care as they grow into adults. It makes sense to continue receiving treatment and preventive care from a team you already trust, and who knows all about your medical and family history.
To learn more about their pediatric care philosophy and treatment, Dr. Zheng and the Weibo Medical Care team invite you to call or schedule a consultation online.
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