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Family Medicine located in Queens, Flushing, NY
Patients of all ages who prefer a comprehensive medical practice, with a focus on creating personal patient-physician relationships, choose family medicine specialists. Dr. Li Zheng and the experts at Weibo Medical Care in Flushing, Queens, New York, are a dedicated team of family medicine specialists. They take a whole-person approach to preventing and treating health conditions for men, women, and children of every age and stage of life. Call or schedule an appointment online for a personalized family medicine experience in Flushing.

Family Medicine Q & A

How is Family Medicine Different From Other Specialties?

Doctors who practice specialties that focus on specific organs or diseases are experts in those particular areas. On the other hand, family medicine physicians provide comprehensive healthcare to patients of all ages and genders and treat a variety of diseases and conditions.
Family medicine doctors, like the team at Weibo Medical Care, participate in multi-discipline training for a more integrated approach to both inpatient and outpatient health concerns. Throughout their education and residencies, family medicine specialists receive training in six major areas:
In addition to these areas of study, family physicians also incorporate emergency medicine, radiology, orthopedics, urology, and ophthalmology into their medical practice. This way, they can deliver a wide range of services all at one location. You can visit a family medicine practice to learn how to prevent an illness or to receive treatment for all types of acute or chronic conditions.

What Services Do Family Medicine Physicians Provide?

Dr. Zheng and the other family physicians are experts at diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions and providing preventive services that include:
Since family medicine doctors provide primary care throughout the course of your lifespan, you can visit them for conditions and treatments from birth until the end of life. If you need a medical specialist such as an internist or surgeon because your condition requires it, Dr. Zheng and the other doctors at Weibo Medical Care can refer you.
It’s helpful to have a family doctor who thoroughly understands your physical and emotional well-being so they are aware of your needs, concerns, and preferences when making a referral.

What Should I Expect During My First Visit?

At your first visit with Dr. Zheng or one of the other family medicine doctors, you should expect to share your medical history and records, along with the reason for your visit. Discuss any medications you’re taking and ask questions about health concerns you may have regarding treatments or procedures that Dr. Zheng and his colleagues provide. You can also expect to have a complete physical exam.
Depending on the reason for your visit, Dr. Zheng or another physician may order blood tests, X-rays, or additional tests that will help them best understand and treat you.
If you’re in the Flushing area and would like to speak with Dr. Zheng or one of his expert medical team, call or schedule a consultation online today.
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